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Crossed Moon

Crossed Moon

Crossed Moon

Crossed Moon Crossed Moon

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Crossed Moon
A young martial artist who lives in a peaceful village. Her name is Luna.
She spends days while training herself with monsters.

Luna is brought up to become the guardian of the village, like a boy.
She is innocent, fearless, shameless and devoid of common sense.
Seeing this, her father decides to order her to see the world.

Thus Luna departs for a journey to train herself.
But what awaits her is lots of sexual harassment!
Being innocent, she is taken advantage of by others, violated, and yet sometimes reverse-r*pe them.

A boyish heroine faces the world and gets corrupted with obscenity.
A mixture of manlike character and female nature it’s called a crossed moon

Crossed Moon
Release Date: 2018-10-29
Genre: RPG
Language : English
Instructions: Unpack and launch Game.exe to play.

Note: use 7zip or Winrar for Extract

Crossed Moon

ยป Download or PLAY NOW | CrossedMoonEnglish.rar ยซ

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