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Midnight Paradise v0.1.1 [BETA] [Unity]

Midnight Paradise v0.1.1 [BETA] [Unity] Midnight Paradise v0.1.1 [BETA] [Unity]
Midnight Paradise V0 1 1 Beta Unity Midnight Paradise V0 1 1 Beta Unity
Midnight Paradise V0 1 1 Beta Unity Midnight Paradise V0 1 1 Beta Unity
Midnight Paradise V0 1 1 Beta Unity Midnight Paradise V0 1 1 Beta Unity

Remember: Other versions also available in my profile 😉

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Midnight Paradise V0 1 1 Beta Unity
Game description is bit unclear (I cannot read post, but from what’s leaked), it should be epic. To apply incest, it is necessary to move “p4treon.txt” into Midnight_Paradise_Data folder.

Release date: 3.2.2019
Platforms: Windows/Linux/MacOS
Censorship: No
Language : English

Devs notes:
One thing I cannot stress enough, is the game is in very rough beta state right now.
As much beta as a baby is in their mother’s womb. So expect fuckups, but the game can be played through normally.
A lot of features are disabled because of the game’s early state. I meant this as a teaser for what’s to come, call it a demo or tech demo or whatever you wish:)
Incremental updates and bug fixes should be expected in the next couple of days.
Currently known issues:
– Clicking through the game too fast can cause the textbox to freeze at the bottom of the screen at dialogue choices. Try to go slow and steady.
– Loading saved games can cause a navigation system malfunction – for now it’s recommended you play through in one go – you won’t miss anything
– Playing in an aspect ratio other than 16:9 can cause animation to not appear properly
– Extras menu is disabled for now, the extra scenes are implemented into the game’s natural flow (like in DoD) Pro tip: press H to hide the interface Also, check out discord for some additional goodies, it’s worth it.

– Fixed choice menu appearing sometimes causing textbox to get stuck at the bottom of the screen. (after testing we can’t reproduce the bug anymore but let me know if this still persists)
– Choices can be selected with number keys
– Made the Game specifically a 16:9 game
– Fixed loading a saved game sometimes causing the navigation system to display incorrectly
– Fixed animations sometimes displaying incorrectly in non-standard resolutions
– Fixed Removed the Fade Animation from choices menu
– Fixed game erroring out on second play through
– Fixed Overlay HUD menu appearing on New Game scene sometimes
– Fixed typo on disclaimer
– Added PC 32 bit build
– Added Mac build
– Added Linux x86_64 (universal) build

v0.1 Beta
First release

Note: use 7zip or Winrar for Extract

Midnight Paradise V0 1 1 Beta Unity

» Download or PLAY NOW | Midnight_Paradise_-_Clean_011_beta_Linux.zip «
» Download or PLAY NOW | Midnight_Paradise_-_Clean_011_beta_Macapp.zip «
» Download or PLAY NOW | Midnight_Paradise_-_Clean_011_beta_PC-64bit.zip «
» Download or PLAY NOW | Midnight_Paradise_-_Clean_011_beta_PC_x86.zip «


Enjoy, This is Fun! And Remember to check my profile for more news 😉


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