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Newlife 0.4.16c

Newlife 0.4.16c

Newlife 0 4 16c

Character creation
Newlife 0 4 16c
Week planning
Newlife 0 4 16c
In the club
Newlife 0 4 16c
Making out with a guy
Newlife 0 4 16c

Remember: Other versions also available in my profile ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Newlife 0 4 16c
You start the game as a man who is offered an opportunity to be a guinea pig in a mad scientist’s cure for baldness. Much to your surprise, the cure for baldness is to be completely transformed into a woman. To avoid being dissected in the name of science you adopt a new identity, begin a new job, and a new life. Gameplay consists of planning out how you will spend your time each week and then taking more direct control over individual scenes. Will you maintain your masculinity or adopt the femininity of the woman you have become? Will you have one night stands or find your one true love? Will you resist the temptation and maintain your virginity or will you give in and maybe even get pregnant?

This version fixes some bugs and adds the ability to get married. Some guys with different personalities will propose in different ways.

This is a free game that is supported through P4treon. The P4treon version is released one month sooner than the free version and includes additional cheats and options during character creation.

Newlife 0 4 16c
Size: 7.5 MB

Note: use 7zip or Winrar for Extract

Newlife 0 4 16c

ยป Download or PLAY NOW | newlife 0.4.16c – 7.4 MB ยซ

Enjoy, This is Fun! And Remember to check my profile for more news ๐Ÿ˜‰

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